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Bitcoin The Future of Money? ( hard cover)



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§Following the economic crisis of 2008 a website was registered by a computer programmer called Satoshi Nakamoto – A new form of money was born: electronic cash. Does Bitcoin have the potential to change how the world transacts financially? Does Bitcoin have the potential to change the world? Is it just a passing fad or is it a major scam? Dominic’s new book explains what it is, how it came about and features interviews with some of the key players in Bitcoin’s development and examines some of the mysteries behind Bitcoin. Frisby considers the potential economic, political and social implications of this new currency and tells it in an engaging style that reads like a thriller.


Read it and glimpse into the future. — Sir Richard Branson The book’s outstanding, but the story it tells is even better. — Matt Ridley The Times Dominic Frisby has gone and done something extraordinary: written a page-turner on the economy. — James Harding, BBC Director of News and Current Affairs A brilliant book – it will do more good than all my speeches in parliament. — Steve Baker, MP



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