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AntRouter R1-LTC


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AntRouter R1-LTC

Including : AntRouter Plug Adapter to Europe


1.  for specifications and other information on the AntRouter R1-LTC see above

2. This batch will be shipped within 7 working days of the day Bitmain has received complete payment of the order. We advise you to research and prepare in advance for the customs’ clearance in your country to avoid delays or unexpected costs.

3. AntRouter R1-LTC has a standard Type-A 2-pin plug. Sockets that are not compatible with this plug type will require an adapter to convert the plug’s type to that of the socket.

4. The AntRouter R1-LTC has been designed and tested to mine Litecoin only. It can be used to mine other Scrypt coins as well but we cannot guarantee the performance or efficiency of the R1-LTC when used to mine Scrypt coins other than Litecoin.

5. All items added to cart are shipped according to the item with the latest shipping date in the cart. If you would like to receive an item earlier, please place a separate order for it.


The AntRouter R1-LTC is covered by a 1 year limited warranty. Within 15 days of purchasing the product, you are entitled to a replacement for a non-human-induced major failure. Customer needs to return the defective units on own expense after opening a support ticket and troubleshooting with Bitmain’s instruction.

The warranty may be void in some instances. The warranty does not apply:

1. to products which were purchased more than 1 year prior;

2. to damage caused by liquid contact, fire, earthquake or other external causes;

3. to damage caused by accident, abuse, misuse;

4. to damage caused by service performed by anyone who is not a representative of Bitmain;

5. to cosmetic damage, including but not limited to scratches, dents and broken plastic on ports.



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